Find a Chair

Post date: Jun 8, 2019 9:00:16 PM

March 15, 2017 terry

There is a new feature available to all visitors of SFANA.ORG. If you are a meeting secretary that uses either a chair or speaker you will be particularly interested in this new feature.

First of all if you would like to share you experience, strength and hope in a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous then all you have to do is sign up by filling out a small form on THIS page.

Once you fill out the form and press Sign UP you will receive an email from the site with a link to fill in more information if you choose.

When a meeting secretary come to the site and looks at the list of people who have signed up to chair a meeting, your record will be there. They can get in touch with you via email, or if you put your phone number in they can call you. If you prefer not to have you phone number listed, no problem, just don’t fill in the phone field.

If you are a meeting secretary and are having a look at the list of people that have signed up, just click on the first name of anyone you would like to see additional information about and you will be taken to a single record page with more information available.

Have fun with this new feature, and remember if not very many people sign up to chair, this new feature will go away – as those few people will be asked to chair so often they will remove their name from the list.

Chair List

Here is a list of all the people that are signed up. Please click on your selection for further information about that person.