Information about COVID-19:

This is a COVID-19 update for in-person meetings dated January 10, 2021.

Area's position on COVID-19 is that in-person meetings should be handled between the group and the meeting facility. Therefore, Area will now list all in-person meetings in the schedule. Please contact to provide this information. However, a GSR is expected to attend the monthly Area Meeting to acknowledge the meeting schedules accuracy and remain informed about Area business. Also, we remind all groups that NA's insurance does not cover COVID-19.

Additionally, the "NCRSO BOD would like to encourage all groups and areas to abide by the COVID-19 protocols established by the local governments. These protocols are considered to be legally binding. Violating them would eliminate any insurance coverage for that meeting. We should also remember that our actions can effect NA as a whole. We should remember what it says in It Works- How and Why page 151 “If the public image of NA is somehow impaired, addicts may die."

Additional public health information about COVID-19 in the Northern California Region is available here